Hey y’all!!!

I’m Whitney Nicely with WBH and guess what?! 

I buy houses! 

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I love working with tired landlords, accidental landlords, homeowners who need someone to take over payments and people who need to sell Mom’s House in a hurry!

I’m the Broker for WBH but I don’t really want to list your house…

WBH Pitch 2

I want to BUY it! 

I’m a real estate investor looking for more deals.

Sometimes we fix and flip, sometimes we buy and hold.

Whatever real estate problem you’re having, let me or one of my girls in the office make you 3-4 offers on your property!

Call Whitney Buys Houses


Remember- WBH all over East Tennessee! 🙂

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WBH Pitch to Finish Time Take 2

I’ll never forget my first deal on my own in 2014.

That ‘s right!

I’ve been taking over people payments, creating owner finance solutions and making low cash offers for years. 

I love helping people across East Tennessee realize there’s more ways to find real estate relief than signing 18k Pages of contracts that really benefit the agent and seeing 42 people stomp through your living room on Sunday afternoons.

My team and I aren’t like regular Realtors or typical investors.

We team together with sellers, listen to their actual problems and solve them quickly.

We make 3 offers on every property.

We can make offers over the telephone.

We’d love to drive out to your property and make offers there

Our Deals close in 7-14-90 days depending on which offer suits the seller best.

Worst Case scenario, we are licensed so offer #4 – We will list the property and handle all the craziness that follows!

You don’t have to be stuck with tenants toilets and troubles.

Call Whitney Buys Houses865-309-4500!

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You don’t have to fight with siblings, bookkeepers, Attorney and property managers anymore call Whitney Buys Houses865-309-4500!

Your mom shouldn’t have to suffer on a waitlist just to wait on her house to sell then watch the profits get gobbled up in fix and flipping to satisfy an inspector or appraisal.

Let WBH buy your moms house this week, We love your mom’shouse just like it is and the way you want you want to remember it.

Call Whitney Buys Houses865-309-4500! and set up an appt with our certified home buyers.

Call Whitney Buys Houses865-309-4500!

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Whitney Nicely East is a native to Knoxville, TN. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Whitney defines herself as a self-motivated individual with a passion for exceeding goals and delivering exceptional results. She has a proven track record for establishing value based relationships built on trust, honesty, and strong ethical principles.

Whitney is the Principal Broker with Whitney Buys Houses, LLC. Whitney Buys Houses is more than a company name. It’s a fact! Whitney has purchased over 57 houses in four years.

Whitney’s favorite house is a Vacant house.  She has several strategies to acquire unwanted properties. If you need cash within 60 days, call Whitney. She buys houses!865-309-4500.

If you are interested in her AVAILABLE PROPERTIES, please CALL her 865-309-4500.

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