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3 Sisters Who Inherited Mom's House
Whitney Buys Houses in Knoxville, TN

My sisters and I grew up next to Whitney’s mom. We had been family friends since the 1960’s. When our Mom passed in 2016, we asked Kathy if Whitney wanted to buy our Mom’s house. We had all kept up with each other on Facebook you see.

One afternoon the next week, an agent friend of my sister’s came over to discuss listing Mom’s house on the MLS. Whitney came over after he left. It had been so long since we’d seen her but she looked and talked just like her mom’s Granny.

The agent said he could sell mom’s house for $120,000 but we would have to flip it to today’s standards . Whitney offered us a grand total of $60,000, only $20,000 for each sister’s inheritance.

One of my sisters wanted a new kitchen in her own home. The other wanted to travel awhile. I wanted Mom’s House to go to someone who would love it like we had.

We didn’t want to flip it, we wanted to live our lives and remember Mom’s house the way it was when we lived there and when we visited Mom.

Whitney paid us in cash in less than a month and we were all thrilled to do business with friends that felt like family.

Mom always said she could see God every time she looked out her kitchen window. Now Whitney has that view and we’re sure Mom is an angel watching over her.

Let Whitney buy your Mom’s house too!

- 3 Sisters Who Inherited Mom's House
Tired landlord struggling to keep up
Whitney Buys Houses
Whitney Buys Houses in Dandridge, TN

We weren’t very good landlords, family took advantage of us, friends wrecked the house, it went on for years. Eventually we decided it wasn’t worth trying, so we just paid the mortgage with our salaries. One thing led to another… Lives… Parents life… cars… our current home needed repairs… it was always something.

We were struggling. We realized we couldn’t keep making payments . Whitney’s letter caught us by surprise. To be honest, we were skeptical at first.

She set up an appointment with us to see the house, made 3 offers and seemed confident she could take over our payments without us spending anything to repair the house or worry about midnight calls.

At that point… What did we have to lose?! We gave Whitney a chance and it worked out perfectly. She ended up paying off our mortgage in under a year. 

- Tired landlord struggling to keep up
Judge said must sell
Whitney Buys Houses
Whitney Buys Houses in New Market, TN

I saw a pink sign in New Market that said Whitney Buys Houses. The judge had just told us that we couldn’t finalize the divorce until we sold the house. I called the number on the sign, stopped by her mom’s office and signed her contract 10 minutes after I saw the sign on the highway. She got my ex wife’s signature and we were done.

Easiest real estate experience I’ve ever had.

- Judge said must sell
Widow who didn't want to be a landlord
Whitney Buys Houses
Whitney Buys Houses helped me with an unwanted property

My husband passed unexpectedly. I’ve never been into real estate or money management. He handled all of that for us. I lived in our house for a few years until I remarried and moved to start a new life with my new husband. I didn’t want to rent the other house.

My new husband posted a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard to see what happened. The phone rang off the hook but their offers were less than I owed. Whitney made 3 offers the first time she looked at the house. Her cash offer was lower than I could accept. And I didn’t want to be a landlord. Whitney said I could call her back if I changed my mind.

A month or so later she called me and made the same 3 offers. I thought about it for a week, talked it over with my new husband and finally called her to agree.

Whitney started making $1,000 monthly payments exactly when she promised. She never called me about repairs or issues or anything until one day a few years later, she texted to tell me she set up closing sooner than expected!

I would sell again to Whitney Buys Houses.

- Widow who didn't want to be a landlord
Owner Financing in Jefferson City, TN
Whitney Buys Houses
Whitney Buys Houses in Jefferson City, TN using owner financing

My daughter went to Carson Newman so I bought a nice house for her to live in. She rented the other 2 bedrooms to friends. But once she graduated and moved on, it was up to me to find tenants from 3 hours away.

Not what I wanted to focus on in my retirement so Whitney made 3 offers to buy the house and I agreed to owner finance it to her!

When I was a new investor, someone helped me with owner financing and I’m happy to help Whitney the same way.

She had 5 or 10 years but paid me off in 16 months.

She’s a great girl!!!

- Owner Financing in Jefferson City, TN
Seller on Forrest Drive
Whitney Buys Houses Jefferson City
Whitney Buys Houses from Tired Landlords!

Soooooo… We had a family friend “renting” a house.

They hadn’t paid in months but we didn’t want to ruin the friendship.

Whitney bought our house and they moved out 2 weeks later with no hard feelings!

Whitney has made the payment to us on time every month since January 2016.

We’re ready to sell more properties to Whitney!

- Seller on Forrest Drive